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  1. Complete Newby

    Hi all I am a complete newby to wine making!! I have a couple of supermarket juice wines on the go and a couple of kit wines which are looking good but I'm unsure of my next steps. I think the juice wines have stopped fermenting can anyone help me with the next steps?
  2. Natural fermentation

    Hi everyone Im a new member and would appreciate your experienced views
    I have been making wine with my Italian father for a number of years with good success without adding any yeast relying on natural yeast - results have been a nice pleasant table wine - how would you convert me to using bought yeast - what if any would be the benefits and how do you use it.
    I have 56 Montepulciano cases 7kg and 6 moscato grapes coming next week.
    I would like to try and make some ...
  3. Juicing apples

    Hi TonyE
    Really appreciate all your help. I will check out the rubber caps from the info you gave. Once I have the juice in the autumn, I'm sure I'll have some more questions, but what you've told me has got me off to the best start.....thanks again.

  4. Juicing apples for wine

    I'm looking for some help from anyone re making apple wine. As a wine making rookie, I've started with wine kits which seem to be turning out well.
    I'm trying to bulk age it, so have only tasted a little
    But so far so good.
    I have some apple trees in the garden, which give a good crop every year, most of which are eaten by the local deer population (there is only so much chutney you can make ) so I'm looking to use the crop for wine.
    I had the idea of juicing the apples ...
  5. Winter Punch Wine Success

    I tried the Belvoir Winter Punch Wine over the weekend. Delicious!

    Per previous post,

    2l apple juice
    750 ml bottle of Belvoir Mulled Winter Punch
    Sugar to 1.080
    Yeast and nutrient.
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