Juicing apples for wine

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I'm looking for some help from anyone re making apple wine. As a wine making rookie, I've started with wine kits which seem to be turning out well.
I'm trying to bulk age it, so have only tasted a little
But so far so good.
I have some apple trees in the garden, which give a good crop every year, most of which are eaten by the local deer population (there is only so much chutney you can make ) so I'm looking to use the crop for wine.
I had the idea of juicing the apples as they fall in small batches and freezing the juice. I thought of using a juicing machine so I can do as many or as few as time allows. I don't know how much juice 2 apple trees would produce?
Does anyone see problems with this ?
Also, is it ok to just use apple juice, or should I be combining with grape?

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  1. TonyE's Avatar
    Hi there

    I now juice the apples in my garden, I bought a fruit juicer for the purpose, not sure if you want to do the same as I do, I will explain the process, you can decide for yourself.

    I also try to juice the apples in batches, as they do not all ripen at the same time, when I have extracted all the juice from my apples, I place as much as I can in a large saucepan, and bring it to the boil. there is usually a large amount of 'scum' on the surface, which I skim off, and keep doing this until the apple juice is clear. I then pour the hot sterilised juice into bottles and seal it with a rubber cap.

    As the juice cools, it creates a vacuum, the rubber cap indents. This juice can be kept for a long period or until you are ready to use it, I have used juice up to two years after making it.

    If you are interested in this idea, I can send detail of the rubber cap, and where you can buy it. - Hope this helps

    Regards - TonyE
  2. Daview's Avatar
    Thanks TonyE
    That sound just what I'm looking for. Any details on the caps would be great.
    The other questions I have are how I increase the sugar level if required.
    Do I heat up the juice and add sugar, heat up water and add sugar, or just put sugar in juice at room temp and wait till dissolved?
    Also, what would the be the best yeast to use?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I don't want to make an effort to collect this juice, only to ruin it through inexperience.

  3. TonyE's Avatar
    Hi Daview

    First of all the rubber caps, they are mail order from a brew shop in Belgium, if you access the web site there are a number of language options English is one of them, the rubber caps are described as:-

    Nr2, no holes, 10pcs (Qty 10)
    Brauwland Ref No 011.021.3
    Cost Euro 2.95
    I would e-mail them tell them the quantity you need, and ask the delivery cost, they did a cheaper rate than the normal delivery cost for me.

    e-mail - ]info@brouwland.com
    Web site - www.Brouwland.com

    Hopefully that will sort out the rubber caps, when you need to use them, pour the boilled apple juice directly into a 75cl wine bottle, the apple juice need to be very hot.
    Be very carefully hold the bottle in a towel and DO NOT spill any, I heat my bottles up first by pouring really hot water into them.
    , you have sufficient apple juice in the bottle, place the rubber cap over the bottle either push or twist it down, it should expel any air, place the hot bottle on a wooden surface
    and allow to cool, you will notice the cap indents, indicating a vacuum in the bottle, I have used juice after 2 years

    Apple Wine

    I would add Pectolase to prevent cloudiness, Apples have Pectin, which can/will cause cloudiness
    Yeast, I like the Lalvin range suggest Lalvin EC1118 if you can get hold of it, it is a high alcohol and nutrient requirement is low
    if you cannot get Lalvin yeast a general purpose prefer yeast will do fine.
    Yeast Nutrient, again I prefer TronoZymal which is very good, but a little pricey, again you can use a general purpose yeast nutrient.
    Yeast Nutrient gives the yeast a bit of a boost with nutrients and minerals I always use the two together.

    I would pour a couple of bottles of pure apple juice into a saucepan and add 500g sugar, stir until dissolved it does NOT need to be boiling
    I have added 5 bottles of pure apple juice to demi-john, including the sugar above check the temperature, if you cannot do this, leave it to cool, suggest overnight.
    The following day add Pectolase, Yeast and Nutrient, fit an air-lock and allow to ferment.

    At some point it will stop fermenting, I check it with a Hydrometer, and you will probably find the specific gravity is something like 9990, now add 100/150g suger
    check the S.G. again probably reading something like 1010 - let it ferment out, keep adding sugar as above i.e. 100/150g at a time
    At some point you will notice the S.G. does not change much and it might read 1000 - That would result in a dry wine, if you like sweet wine you need to add more suger
    You probably want it to finish fermenting at about 1010

    Yeast although it produces alcohol is intolerant at high levels i.e. 10-15% at this point it stops working (fermenting)
    You will also notice a build up of sediment on the bottom of the demi-john, you need to remove the wine from the sediment, leave as must of the sediment behind as possible.
    You may have to 'rack' it off as they say, several times. Ideally you want a perfectly clear and stable wine.
    I prefer to keep my wines for a minimum of 1Year of the maturing phase before I drink them, the trick is to make lots of it, if you want to sample some it will not may a lot of difference.

    Couple of other things, you MUST sterilise all of you equipment that you using, there are some very good sterilisers and cleaners available for wine making
    Do NOT be tempted to rush your wine making and have it ready in a couple of months, it always improves with keeping

    Hope this helps, let me know if there is anything else I can do you, you can have my e-mail address if it helps, I hope it all makes sence

    Good luck - TonyE