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Hi all I am a complete newby to wine making!! I have a couple of supermarket juice wines on the go and a couple of kit wines which are looking good but I'm unsure of my next steps. I think the juice wines have stopped fermenting can anyone help me with the next steps?

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  1. lockwood1956's Avatar
    Hi Jules

    Have a look in the tutorials section and look for the making wine from kits tutorial, once ferment is over they are treat pretty much the same.

    Time is your friend and patience is always the last thing that new winemakers develop. We all want to drink it straight away (nothing wrong with that)
    If the specific gravity has dropped to 0.990 then the wine is done, however supermarket juice wines sometimes don't get that low, so if it is below 1.000 and stable (same SG several days in a row) you may be able to move it on to the next steps. If you are drinking it quickly then you shouldn't need to do anything other than rack it to a new container (visa siphon, leaving the sediment behind) and bottle. If you are going to keep it any length of time you will need to be sure it is stable and this can be achieved by adding potassium sorbate and potassium metabisulphite (sodium metabisulphite will do the same job) to stabilise the wine so it doesn't re commence fermentation in the bottle.

    Hope that helps.

    For future reference post questions in the main area and that way more peeps will see them.
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    If the wine wont clear on its own.....

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    By the way Lockwood1956 is Bob and Medpretzel is Martina
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