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  • Selection luna blanco wine kit

    Hi new to this so I hope this ends up in the right place. I started my new wine kit the selection luna blanco at the weekend. When we poured the must into the fermenter it was really dark. We have made quite a few kits, both red and white, but are relatively new to wine making. Could anyone advise.

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    Quite often the kits look so much darker in appearance when in a fermenting vessel. There's nowt wrong with it. 'Keep calm and Carry On'


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      Chris and Adele:

      Do you know how to decode the date on that kit box? The must will be darker in an older kit due to oxidation.

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        The expiry date on the box is march 2013.


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          A mate of mine has just made his first kit wine, a low end (quality wise) Pinot Grigio. Pleased with himself, he posted a picture of the FV to Facebook when he first started it. When I saw it I thought it was a red wine he was making. When I spoke to him, he said it was so much darker than he thought it would be when he got it going. so much so, that he also thought it was off. When I spoke to him earlier tonight, he was over the moon with the quality of the wine and assured me the colour was now a light straw colour. Hope this reassures you.
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            Yes thank you it does. I may be imagining it but now it's well and truly fermenting it does appear slightly lighter but its still very dark. Thanks I'll plod on and see what happens.


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              Hello when you say in an older kit it may be oxidised. Is this something that will prevent the wine making process.


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                Expiry date of 2013........ it will be fine.

                It looks darker at the start but it will be ok

                juice (concentrated oer otherwise) darkens when oxidised, it wouldnt stop it fermenting. but would taint the taste. I am fairly confident this will be ok...

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                  Originally posted by Chris and Adele View Post
                  Hello when you say in an older kit it may be oxidised. Is this something that will prevent the wine making process.
                  Absolutely not. You will be amazed what you can get to ferment!

                  Keep calm, carry on all will be fine.
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                    Hi I did this kit some time ago and it starts very dark and lands up a golden straw yellow colour like many old fashioned Chardonnays. So expect the finished product to have much more colour than say a Pinot Grigio for instance. Oh and much more body and taste too.
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