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Thread: Small ale recipe as promised

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    Default Small ale recipe as promised

    This is the modernised version I wrote out for the medieval campers who asked for the recipe, with apologise to Bob for the excessive, inappropriate use of sterilize

    Small Ale

    1.5 kg..,Brupacks Pale Malt syrup ( )
    1 kg., porriage oats
    12 litres, water
    1 pkt, Safale S-04 English Ale Yeast
    (or your ongoing Ale yeast)

    Sterilize a food-grade plastic bucket with lid Also sterilize a strainer to separate liquid from grain later.
    Boil water, I use electric kettles. mix malt, with the oats.
    Open Bucket and place it on the floor near the rayburn (solid wood cooker) (or somewhere nice and warm if no rayburn airing cupboard perhaps ?) Pour 2 litres of water into the bin from a reasonable height, fairly slowly.
    Slowly pour 3 more litres of boiling water over the grain. Don't stir. Put the cover on the bin and let it stand for 10 mins. Then add another 1 litre of boiling water. . Put the lid back on and wait 20 more mins.
    Take the lid off and stir. It should be the consistency of thick porridge. Put the lid back on and wait at least an hour and a half.
    Open up the bucket and stir in 3 more litres of boiling water, and stir. Close up again and wait 25 more mins.
    Finally, add remaining boiling water Stir well.
    Strain liquid into another sterilized bucket for the fermentation. (This liquid is the wort)
    Close the fermenting vessel and let the wort cool overnight.
    Add the yeast into the wort, and shake, stir, agitate the wort in order to get air into it
    Let the ale ferment for about 3-4 days; the yeast should have started, and alcohol production well under way. After that start drinking it. I usually pour into a period style vessel for serving. Barrel or crock. Sterilized well. Do not strain, siphon off or otherwise get modern about it !

    As the days of camp goes on it gets slightly more alcoholic.
    It tastes quite yeasty and is weak not like British beers so can be drunk easily and frequently (except if you are driving of course)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel View Post
    with apologise to Bob for the excessive, inappropriate use of sterilize
    haha love it!

    please substitute the word sanitise in its place
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