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    Well, I finally bought myself one of these

    photo (1).JPG

    Pre loved - but VV good condition AND delivered to the door for 30 fine english notes - not too bad but the deal also included one of these

    photo (2).JPG

    And a bunch of other useful bits. One thing that confused me was this

    photo (3).JPGphoto (4).JPG

    I have googled the french, and think I know how to use it - any body any ideas what it is and when (or how) to use it?

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    Nearest I can get is that it is an automatic bottle filler with integrated filter. I guess you set the level of the white protruding bit at the level in the neck that you want to fill to.

    This could, of course, be utter B**** as I really have no clue.
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    It is an automatic bottle filler of sorts. More commonly used for apple juice. Think of it as a bucket with a hole in the bottom.
    Operation: get all your bottles in a crate, put the nose in the bottle and push down lightly it should fill and then stop.
    I nearly bought one of these for beer, but I think it will be to foamy. It is generally quite a messy bottling operation. Try it with water first
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