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Starters and Fortified Mead

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  • Starters and Fortified Mead

    Here is a twist on mead making your troop will enjoy:

    Make a basic sac mead recipe, Step ONE:

    I will leave you to StockeyDAW's recipe.

    Step TWO:

    Take a bottle 750 ml of your quaffable flavored booze...slowly heat it in a slow cooker crock with lid, with equal amounts of water and honey. Yes, cook off the alcohol, no loss more is in the sac mead. It is cheaper with this method than the pure essence from the wine markets. Cool and mix with ingredients for sac mead to ferment;

    or fortify after fermentation: just add 750 ml to 5 gallon finished sac mead, this requires better booze, in my opinion.

    That is it, throw in the towel, call your mates for a toast. A friend just returned with from Italy and Spain with a bottle of PX solera method maderia. Delgato Dulce, this is his second trip to Spain, and each time I have given him some money for a bottle...with explicit instructions to get it hang the year...just get it, he is a true friend, and he likes a couple bottles of the mead.