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Meads and stuff - one for Mr Morton.......

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  • fatbloke
    There's another good link to be found here - which is from Sergio Moutela who runs Melvino Mead.

    Yes, it's fair to say that this side of the pond, finding a supply of Fermaid O isn't easy, but I have some and that came to me from Portugal via the Netherlands (a Portugese friend who found it, bought it and took it back to his home in NL and sent some to me).

    I've also found that it is available in the UK but only in commercial quantities......

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  • fatbloke
    started a topic Meads and stuff - one for Mr Morton.......

    Meads and stuff - one for Mr Morton.......

    While waiting for the grapes to arrive on Saturday, Bob mentioned some questions that he'd pointed toward the great Ken Schramm.

    Now while our very own Mr M, wasn't specific about "why mead makers do X" i.e. what the X might have been (he might have, but there's bits of the weekend that are a bit hazy in my mind), I thought I'd post a good link that goes some way to explaining some of the stuff that has to be considered when making meads.

    Hell, you might already be "all about" with this Bob, but maybe others who are thinking of having a go might find it useful.

    So, the link....... https://www.homebrewersassociation.o...MasterMead.pdf

    You may notice the author.......

    But equally, if anyone else has any ?'s that are mead specific, I'm more than happy to try and answer them, or even do some digging to see if I can find an answer. Since the disappearance of Stockey DAW, there's no mead guru, just an idiot like me who just happens to make mostly meads, and is a nosey git........