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Cellar Rat Vs the World (lychee III)

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  • Cellar Rat Vs the World (lychee III)

    So, five lots of one gallon lychee wine about to start.

    Cellar Rats white yeast.
    Youngs Bordeaux white
    Youngs Champagne
    Gervin D

    The five yeats are rehydrating as we speak, about to be pitched.

    All five are identical, recipes:
    1 litre white grape juice
    1 litre apple
    2 tins lychee in light syrup.
    sugar to 1.080/water to 4.7 litres.
    2 tsp pectolase
    3 tsp tartric acid
    1/8 tsp tannin
    1/2 teaspoon tronozymol

    All in same room, temperature is fairly constant at 20 degrees C.

    I will of course be monitoring foaming, speed of ferment, clarity at first rack, anything else that comes to mind such as unexpected 'stuff' as well as anything else anyone can think of.

    They will also be entered at the VWC open comp in May, as well as a 250ml of each to Mr_Rat :-)
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    Thats fantastic!

    I will organise a tasting panel after the comp to compare the 5 wines

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      Now thats a trial !! Well done
      Gluten free, caffeine free, dairy free, fat free you gotta love this red wine diet!


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        24 hours and no action yet, I'd post pictures but I'm sure you can all visualise 5 x 1 gallon lychee with nothing happening


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          48 Hours in, CRW foaming the most to look at, but when using the wine thief the K1V116 foamed by far the most when put in the trial jar.

          SG 48 hours in:

          D47 1.078
          Champagne 1.056
          Bordeaux White 1.066
          CRW 1.048
          K1V116 1.060
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            96 Hours in.

            D47 SG 1.050
            Champagne SG 1.028
            Bordeaux White SG 1.046
            CRW SG 1.026
            K1V SG 1.028

            Can't believe how much the K1V hs caught up with CRW...


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              Day 5 and the first of the rackings.

              D47 SG 1.036
              Champagne SG 1.014
              Bordeaux White SG 1.034
              CRW SG 1.018
              K1V SG 1.012

              So, Champagne, CRW and K1V all racked into demi johns to complete their ferment.
              During racking the K1V was the foamiest going into the demi, CRW was not far behind, the Champagne produced no foam whatsoever.


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                The bordeaux and D47 finally racked.

                The only difference at this stage apart from time has been that the initil lees from the D47 was much much darker than the other four.

                Day 7.

                D47 SG 1.022
                Champagne SG 1.000
                Bordeaux White SG 1.018
                CRW SG 1.008
                K1V SG 0.996


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                  Friday 18th (Day something or other).

                  D47 SG 1.018
                  CRW SG 1.006
                  Champagne SG 0.992
                  K1V SG 0.992
                  Bordeaux SG 1.008

                  Tuesday 22nd (Day something or other)

                  D47 1.014
                  CRW SG 1.002
                  Champagne SG .990
                  K1v SG 0.990
                  Bordeaux SG 1.000

                  Am racking the two which are at 0.990 now, taking photos of lees and also colour of resulting racked wine. (And it would be rude not to sneak a taste).
                  Update to follow.


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                    Ta for the update. Will be interesting to hear what the tasteing is like
                    Gluten free, caffeine free, dairy free, fat free you gotta love this red wine diet!


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                      You'll be getting a 250ml bottle of each too CR :-)

                      As I expected the lees from the Champagne yeast was much fluffier than the K1V.
                      Of course these photos are the only comparison I will have once it comes to racking the others...
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                        Pfff...glad I wasn't in your case. You really held your own
                        Steve Works
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