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    Originally posted by AquaCom View Post
    If BrewTrax was an "app" then it could be used offline and simply synced as and when the user wanted too.
    Originally posted by Cellar_Rat View Post
    IF you put the app on the phone are you going to cover sync too?
    What's in your glass C_R ;-)


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      "What's in your glass C_R ;-)"


      Its a serious question or have I missed the point? Where is the data being held that you are recording with this app on your phone? Will it also be available to PC? Hence sync or online db.
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        I 'think' (sometimes) that Stuart meant exactly that, that it would then be synced to your PC.


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          Indeed gents. There are many ways to provide a mobile app; one of which being a completely "offline" system where the app (and data) is on the phone/tablet etc; allowing for input of data and then a manual (or perhaps automated, or both) sync. This operation would then sync your online/desktop/phone/tablet databases.

          It's all nice ideas at the moment, so being honest, this is all a way off. I need BrewTrax to grow first before I can justify further investment.

          As NW says, many of us will be pretty much "connected" to the online world wherever we are. I think it would be sensible to cater for those that may not be able to get online wherever and whenever they are too.

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            Well - to be honest, I have both an iPhone and a BlackBerry and I love them both though I have to fully admit that I had the BlackBerry before I had my iPhone and I feel in love with how easy the iPhone works compared to the BlackBerry - I am quite addicted to both though