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Thread: Lychee Wine

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    Lychees on offer in Lidl this week, 79p a big tin.

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    I started 5 gal of this off in January, and it still hasn't finished.
    I used lychee juice and red grape juice, to make a rose variety. I have made this before, and I really like it
    By a complete fluke, the usual yeast nutrient I use, was out of stock at my HBS, and I bought Tronozymol.
    When I was making up a batch of original #1 wine, I noticed on the instructions that a teaspoon per litre can restart stuck ferments.
    I tried 2 teaspoons, to see if anything would happen...which of course I managed to create my own mini volcano
    But it does seem to be fermenting again
    How did I not know about this before ?
    Anyway, hopefully I will be able to be enjoying this at xmas now
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    I have just found and read through all 28 pages of this thread and wished I'd found it before.

    I made a Lychee wine, but used the WOW recipe and just replaced the OJ with Lychee juice, (also made a Guava one and an Apple one) all went well and tastes ok!, until it came to the clearing stage, it has now been 9 weeks since I started them, the Apple one is crystal clear but the Lychee and Guava are still very cloudy despite adding two lots of finings. Is there anything I can do at this stage in order to clear them?

    These are the ingredients I used:

    1 litre White Grape Juice
    1 litre Orange Juice
    around 800g Sugar
    1 tsp Pectolase
    1 tsp Tannin
    1 tsp Glycerine (optional)
    Young's Yeast & Nutrient

    I will certainly be trying this version out after all the rave reviews I've just read, as my favourite wine is Gewurtztraminer and to be able to make something that resembles it would be a dream come true, (specially for my bank balance )

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    Hi, and welcome to the Forum.

    Is the wine fully degassed?

    Which finings did you use?
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    Hi goldseal,
    I degassed them a few times a day over a period of about a week, (shaking vigorously untill no more gas was heard), and used Kwik clear finings.

    After writing my earlier post, did some research and found that adding bentonite may help with clearing, so added a tsp to the Lychee one only, shook, stirred and left for about an hour, after which I went back to give it another mixing and the bottom of the dj just dropped out!!!! :-( . This is the second time this has happened to me, last time in May with a cherry WOW.

    What should I do with my cloudy Guava?, daren't put any bentonite in that one, just in case.

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    Hi all, I am back brewing, the twins are now 7 years old, 2 house moves, and a huge change of job..

    Thanks to bob for helping me with getting my old (this one) profile back.. Cheers Bob.

    A question... has any one lately played with this recipe and improved further than already discussed ? or any other recipes as easy and turn out as outstanding ?

    Thanks all :-)

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