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Thread: Ginger Wine (Warning: A lot of Ginger!!!!!)

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    Default Ginger Wine (Warning: A lot of Ginger!!!!!)

    Copied over from the Winemaking general area...


    1kg Ginger, grated coarsley
    4.5ltrs Water
    1.72kgs Sugar

    0.5tsp Rohpect enzyme
    1tsp Pectolase
    0.5tsp Amylase
    3tsp Tronozymol salts
    0.5tsp Diammonium phosphate (Youngs yeast nutrient)
    2 Vitamin B1 tablets
    1tsp Citric acid
    0.5tsp Tartaric acid
    0.5tsp Malic acid
    0.25tsp Tannic acid (tannin)
    0.5g Vitamin C

    Gervin GV4(26) Yeast

    Enzymes added with sugar and nutrients to grated ginger plus 1 campden tablet for ~3 days, stirred twice daily...
    Yeast then added and stirred twice daily for ~3 days...

    Mature for 6 to 12 months.

    I've used this recipe over the last ten years and it's kept me happy...
    The basics, enzymes and nutrients, were taught to me by a former work colleague about 10 years ago, I use them as the basis for all my wines.
    All I change is the fruit. I do adjust the tannin slightly for reds though and remove the Vitamin C...
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