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Thread: Selection ltd edition - Pacfic Quartet

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    Default Selection ltd edition - Pacfic Quartet

    Just bottled my first 6 bottles of this (30 bottle kit).

    The kit was started in June and at 4 months old (half a bottle left after racking 6) this is without doubt the best wine I have aever tasted by a country mile. Simply stunning.

    I didn't quite 'get' why everyone was buying high end kits I didn't think there would be that much difference but I had my eyes opened today.

    Its so good I've tracked down another kit and reserved it so I can pick it up next weekend.

    If even 5% of my wines came close to this I'd be doing very well indeed.

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    Coming in the next round, Pacifica White. Here's part of the description
    Semillon from the blazing sunshine in Australia, Chardonnay from the crisp valley air in Okanagan, British Columbia, and Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier from the hot sunny mornings and cool afternoons of California’s North Coast
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    agree is one of the best white wines ive tasted never mind made

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    where did you find kit as would be interested in another

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    Quote Originally Posted by kampervan View Post
    where did you find kit as would be interested in another
    Last one in my local HBS, If I find any more I'll let you know

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    The kits are back!

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