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Thread: Vintners Reserve Savignon Blanc

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    Talking Vintners Reserve Savignon Blanc

    A 28 day 30 Bottle kit.
    My first kit since an awful medium red made my wife ban the brew. This one is for her so it had to be good... I spent some extra brass and its worth it. No extra sugar needed.
    The kit asked for aerobic primary fermentation before transfer to a bubble lock fermentor to ferment out.
    The instructions are very well written and easy to follow with useful tips along the way.
    After stabilizing it cleared at 12 days and today I transferred it to one of Karls 20L polipin for aging. I filtered it in the process and the odd glass went into the fridge. Clear and inviting with a very very acceptable flavor (and I'm a red man). Looking forward to putting the tap on at Christmas to see just how acceptable this wine is to SHMBO. Mind she might have to fight me for it.
    I guess if you want good wine you gotta get a good kit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwings View Post
    I guess if you want good wine you gotta get a good kit.
    Too true.

    I've made a few Vintners Reserve kits, all been very good value for money. If you can find one still, the ltd edition range from Winexpert is brilliant, or keep an eye out for next years offerings.

    The VR Cali trinity is also great.

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