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Thread: Merlot Beaverdale

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    Default Merlot Beaverdale

    This is now a year old and was the first red kit I made. It was initially so disappointing that I still have 20 dusty bottles left.
    The kit was made as per instructions with the supplied yeast.
    Itís a fair copy of a commercial merlot soft, fruity with a hint of a plum background non astringent and light on tannis. Itís a lighter wine very quaffable going to be great for drinking on a summers day.
    Life would be better if I could brew it as fast as we drink it!

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    Hey there RTPFUN!

    Good for you for keeping the wine back! Too many people drink kit wines far too quickly. I like to leave my reds at least 12 months (18 if i can!) before even bottling them. It is amazing how a basic kit wine like beaverdale can change in structure over 12 months. How do you find the nose on it? Is anything there?

    You could always experiment with some of the wine left and blend it with Cab Sav to get a bit more depth?

    A day without wine is a day without sunshine!

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