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Thread: Corks problen

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    Default Corks problen

    Hi all,
    I wonder if anyone can give me any info on this ?
    I bottled 5 gals of Bramble / Elderberry around Oct last year.
    Just normal decent corks.I now find I can't get the corks out !
    I have broken one plastic and one steel Rabbit on them.!
    The only way to get to the wine is to attack the cork with a sharp knife and try to demolish the cork. At best the cork falls into the bottle.
    Any bits of cork that I have got out of the bottle has looked very dry and shiny.
    The wine tastes pretty good. ( when I eventually get to it ! )

    Anyone got any thoughts as to how this happened ?


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    I've just had the same problem with bottles of last autumn's beetroot and some bottles of blackberry wines which have been stored on their sides. The corks do eventually respond to brute force but disintegrate in the process, leaving bits of cork stuck firm to the necks of the bottles. That's then proving tricky to remove for the next use.

    I've just restarted my interest in winemaking after a 30 year 'lull' and I don't remember having the problem back in the old days when you were recommended to soak the corks before use. Now they're waxed (?) and we're told to use them dry. Is that the issue, or are the corks perhaps of a lower quality?


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