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Thread: Colour of Red Wine 6 months into fermentation - Inky Black. Is this right?

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    Default Colour of Red Wine 6 months into fermentation - Inky Black. Is this right?

    Hello All,

    Thanks so much in advance for any help you can give.

    I pressed grapes at the end of September last year and did the first racking a few months ago. The white seems to be ok (Trebbiano) quite some time off from being drinkable but doesn't seem to have spoiled etc. The red is a different story. Doesn't smell bad or vinegary but not much like wine either (at this stage and I accept it has a long time to go). First of all is it fine that it doesn't smell much like wine? Secondly and much more importantly the colour of the red is SO strong. The glass when racked from one demi to the other is stained dark pink and the actual must/wine is so red it is black. Has it been on the sediment too long and will situations improve with time and more racking or have I ruined the whole lot?

    Thanks again and Best Wishes, Mike

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    Hi Mike,

    I have not been around myself for a while and things seem kinda quiet. I have never made wine from grapes as you have but I do have a fair bit of experience with pure grape kits. At this stage I would not worry about lack of smell, most important thing is taste. I do not know of any winemaker who does not sneak a little tester slurp (s). Your wine should taste young but with hints of what is to come. Really deep colour is a good thing, you can check for clarity using an led torch (tip from Bob aka Lockwood). I find this essential for my elderberry wines. What red are you making and have you put it through malolactic fermentation? I will check back later, cheers m'dears...and patience
    Okay, now I get it. The difference between drinkable and ready....

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