Hi All,
Finally and belatedly getting round to making wine in a systematic way - keeping notes, being consistent - with the idea of improving what I do, so as to improve what I drink. And it's all going reasonably OK, so far. But I have a little oddity (Quiet at the back!!) that I thought I'd run by you.
I'm making a 6 bottle batch of Youngs Definitive Cab Sav style. Am coming to the end of fermentation (Day 32), where the temperature has been relatively low, but consistent - usually 23C. Occasionally a degree or two lower and VERY occasionally a degree higher.
Watching the ferm lock today (3min 20sec for a bubble to pass), I see the bubble starting to build, then it will drop back a bit. Then build and drop back. Like the title says, "2 steps forward, 1 back". Maybe 7 or 8 times, in that +/-3 minute period.
I know fermentation hasn't finished and I'm not particularly troubled, but I do find it odd. I don't THINK I have a pressure leak and I've only spotted this, in these final days.
Is this any cause for concern?
Thanks in anticipation.