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Thread: Spiced Coconut Water Wine Using Brown Sugar

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    Default Spiced Coconut Water Wine Using Brown Sugar

    Spiced Coconut Water Wine Using Brown Sugar
    2 Lts Coconut Water (From Asda Low in Sugar 1.59 each)
    1150 grams Brown Sugar (Dark brown sugar Asda 0.75 500 grams)
    2 fresh Limes
    Cinnamon Stick
    4 Green Cardamom Pods
    1 tsp Yeast Nutrient
    1 tsp Yeast
    Pour 1lt of Coconut water + 1lt of plain / filtered water into a pan,
    then heat (not boil) the water, then add and dissolve the 1150 gms
    of dark brown sugar into the pan, once dissolved then let everything
    cool down, once cool add the contents of the pan into the DJ,
    also add the remaining 1 litre of Coconut Water to the DJ as well.
    Squash the limes and add the lime juice to the DJ, then chop the
    squashed Limes and cut into quarters and add to the DJ, add
    the cinnamon stick and Cardamom pods.
    Check the temperature of the must is between 20 25.C then
    add the yeast nutrient and yeast and top up to 1 gallon.
    Brix = 22 (about 12.2% ABV)
    Started 27/06/2020

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    Hum? the idea sounds good, the only thing that came to mind when I read the recipe/method was that it'd likely be better/safer to have "zested" the lime, then squeezed it for the juice. Citrus pith (the white bit of the skin) is famous for adding a bitterness. Most methods that are reported as successful seem to use just the juice and zest. One of the few exceptions is the JAOM method of mead making, but the residual sweetness goes some way in masking the pithy bitterness, and you get a bit of an "orange marmalade" thing going on.

    But it's up to you.......
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    this sounds interesting .i think im going to give it a go .

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