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    Question Tips, please

    Hello All:

    I am in my third week of winemaking - so a complete newbie. Never attempted to make wine, cider or beer before now. Decided to start off with fruit juice wine (the apple and red grape recipe) and I will progress from there once I gain confidence. I degassed the wine today and had a taster. It was not very sweet at all. I don't particularly want a sweet wine, but I would like something that is not so dry. I siphoned the wine into a clean demijohn.

    What are the next steps in the process, please? When should I sweeten the wine? I wonder if the flavour will settle once it is bottled and left for a few weeks? I don't want to over sweeten. I would really appreciate your help - thank you.

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    you can back sweeten your wine by making a simple sugar syrup and adding it once your sure the yeasties are dead.
    from memory its equal amounts of water and sugar, heated until it dissolves, and left to cool. do it little by little as once its in there your going to have to get creative if you over do it


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