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Purely about the aesthetics.

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  • Purely about the aesthetics.

    I have a few flower wines on the go, and I was thinking of adding a couple of the flowers at the bottling stage, simply for aesthetics and novelty, with the hope that the alcohol will preserve the flower intact and until opening. Has anybody tried this? Is there a glaringly obvious reason why this will not work?

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    I would drop them in a little vodka for 15 mins to sterilise before using.

    It works for maggots in tequila so I do see why flowers shouldn't work in wine.

    Be careful not to use tooooo much green stalk - there is every chance the flavour of the flower will be 'steeped' into the wine.

    Alternatively use aquarium flora !
    Gluten free, caffeine free, dairy free, fat free you gotta love this red wine diet!


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      Originally posted by Cellar_Rat View Post
      Alternatively use aquarium flora !
      But I'm not making Aquarium flora wine! I will give it a go and let you all know; gives me an excuse to stock up on my vodka supplies.

      Thank you kindly.