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Recipe , what do you think ?

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  • Recipe , what do you think ?

    4kg apples (cooking soaked in campdon solution overnight ;cored /sliced)
    500g Aldi Black forest fruit mix
    1 banana
    1060g sugar
    1 gallon water
    1 tsp pectolous
    1/2 tsp citric acid 1/2 tartaric acid
    1 tsp nutrient
    1 packet ,red star premier cave yeast

    what do you think , was going to ferment in the bin for a few days before straining into a DJ .

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    Do you have a freezer?

    Freeze the apples for a week, thaw them and press..........(even pressing by hand might work)

    take the juice and add it to 7 pints water and enough sugar to take the SG to 1.080

    1 tsp pectolase
    1 tsp yeast nutrient
    good quality yeast

    no acid (there will be plenty in the apple juice)

    ferment to 1.010 and add the aldi black forest fruit....

    ferment to dry, stabilise (campden and sorbate) let sit a week and sweeten to SG 1.004

    no bananas, no straining....better quality wine
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      So sorry ,
      though id replied to this , so even though its 11 years late ( i am so crap ) thanks for the advice. Ill give it a go with a new batch and see how it turns out.