Recipe for two gallons
Nettle tops 4quarts (4 Lt)
2Lt- white grape juice.
2kg- white sugar.
1 strong cup of tea (no leaves or milk)
4 lemons(no pith or pips or skin)
1tsp Ritchies wine yeast.
To measure fresh nettle tops, cut off and discard stalks and gently press tops in measuring jug. Lightly rinse fresh tops in cold water. Then add to your FV then make some sugar syrup with half of the sugar and then add to the FV then cover and leave to cool when cool add the cup of strong cold tea the juice of the lemons and the grape juice add the tsp of yeast cover and leave. Stir 2 times a day for ten days, after 7 days add the other half of the sugar as a cold sugar syrup, on day ten strain the nettle tops with some fine muslin cloth and then add the liquid to the DJs top up to the neck with cold water. Then leave to fully ferment out, when fermenting as stopped rack add finings rack when clear and leave to mature for about 12 months.